Les Trouillots, Poligny, Jura

Les Trouillots, Poligny, Jura



2015 Saint Savin Chardonnay

Chardonnay from a 1.6ha vineyard, vine age 35+ years off calcareous grey blue marl soil. Direct press and ferment in Stainless Steel, malo occurs in used 500 litre barrels. The wine is rested for 10 months.

Unfiltered with sulphur addition at bottling

The 2015 vintage had a small amount of Savagnin Marc added to assit initial fermentation

2015 Champ d’Aubert Chardonnay

Single vineyard Chardonnay from 35 year old vines off of limestone clay soils. Grapes are de-stemmed and macerated for 15 days in stainless steel. Malo occurs in 500 litre used barrels

Unfiltered, No Sulpur additions

2015 Savagnin Nature

35+ year old Savagnin from the Saint Savin vineyard. The grapes are directly pressed, ferment and malo occurs in stainless steel.

A little filtering occurs, no sulphur additions

2014 Savagnin Sous Voile

35 year old Savagnin from the Les Trouillots vineyard planted at the top of the hill on clay and limestone. Directly pressed grapes go through fermentation and malo in stainless steel before being transferred to old barrels where they spend 18 months under flor.

Unfiltered with Sulphur addition at bottling


2016 Les Trouillots Pinot Noir

Located on the flat at the top of the hill of the Les Trouillots vineyard. The vines are 35+ years of age and grow on limestone clay soils. The grapes are de-stemmed and maceration occurs for two weeks, rested in stainless steel for 7-8 months.

Unfiltered with sulphur addition at bottling


2016 Les Trouillots Trousseau

The 35 year old Trousseau vines are located on the slope of the Les Trouillots vineyard, heavy red and grey marl over limestone. Whole bunches are macerated for two weeks, fermentation and resting occur in Stainless steel for 7-8 months before bottling.

Unfiltered, no sulphur additions







Valentin Morel


Domaine Morel was established in 1978 by Jean Luc Morel and his father, planting 10 hecatres of vines in Poligny. From 1978 to 1985 the grapes were sold to the cooperative. In 1985 Doamine Morel Thibaut was established, Jean Luc managed the vineyards and administration, Michael Thibaut the winemaking. But after 25 years the partnership changed, they divided the vineyards and remaining stock in bottle.

This is where the story of Les Pieds Sur Terre begins, with Jean Luc passing on the winery and 6 hectares of vines to his 26 year old son Valentin.

Valentin attained a Masters Degree in International law, going on to work in the public service. Being an avid reader and deep thinker, his life choices altered after reading American essayist Matthew B Crawford, it made Valentin reflect on the meaning and value of work. He then studied winemaking in Alsace where he was introduced to and influenced by Pierre Frick & Bruno Schueller.

The vineyards of Domaine Morel ceased using herbicides in 2000. In January 2014 when Valentin took over the vines were being managed in an organic manner. But after reading the writings of Rudolf Steiner, his decision to convert to biodynamic farming was made. 

He has also been greatly influenced by the teachings of Masanobu Fukuoka, the Japanese writer of The One Straw Revolution.

To quote “Human beings do wrong with their meddling, leave the damage unrepaired, and when the adverse results accumulate, they work with all their strength to repair them.”

The implementation of Simplified Cultivation Techniques (Techniques of Soil Conversion) in the vineyards proceeded in reflection to these remarks by Fukuoka.

The name Les Pieds Sur Terre, "Feet on Earth" came first as it reflects a state of mind, but also, is a nod to the radio program of the same name by Sonia Kronlund which Valentin listens to whilst working in the vineyard.

All vineyards are located in Poligny and the wines classified as AOC Cotes du Jura. The Saint Savin vineyard is one of the highest in the region at 450 meters altitude. The climate in the Jura is harsh and particularly wet, with soils made up of limestone & marl, and as such the work in the vineyard becomes all the more important.

Sadly in 2017 the April frosts caused a 75% loss of fruit for Valentin.

A new plot was acquired in 2014, Les Bois d’Arnaux, 2.2 hectares planted to Trousseau, Plousard and Sauvignin, the later two being cuttings from colleagues at Labet and Bornard.

Biodynamic preperations 500 (horn manure), 501 (horn silica) and 508 (horsetail herb) are used. Throughout the growing season the classic treatment of Bordeaux mixture (a combination of copper, sulphite and lime to fight mildew) is used, supplemented with herbal teas.

Vegetables are used for soil coverage; radishes, cabbages, legumes and flowers and to improve soil health. The rows are grassed down or ploughed never mowed.

The precision, finesse and minerality that Valentin’s wines display after only 3 years ensures that this is a producer with a huge future in the Jura