Blanche Lande, Oudon

Blanche Lande, Oudon

Phillipe Chevarin


2016 Le Souffle Melon de Bourgogne

A blend of parcels, directly pressed with an old screw press by hand. The wine under goes malo and has no sulphur additions.


2016 La Goulee Gamay Rose

Direct pressed, small amount of residual sugar


2016 Les Sentinelles Gamay

Half whole clusters, half destemmed


2016 La Houle Pet Nat

Produced with Gamay Teinturier (gamay with red pulp) and Gamay Noir (white pulp) The Teinturier gives additional colour.


2016 Le Detour Gamay

A one off cuvee from purchased grapes. Semi carbonic maceration, 10mg sulphur added at fermentation.




For 24 years Phillipe Chevarin was an audio engineer, touring the world focused on live music. But when he started to do more and more large scale productions, he knew it was time for a change.

Living in Nantes with his wife, whom is a childhood friend of Thierrys Puzelets wife Cecile, he was introduced to Rene Mosse & Pierre Olivier Bonhomme via Thierry and he was inspired.

Whilst still working he was fortunate it provided him with down time when not on the road. He studied viticulture and oenology on the side and did a two year stage placement with Jacques and Agnes Carroget at Domaine de la Paonnerie in Oudon, 30 minutes from Nantes. He was hooked, and Jacques assisted in helping Philippe find vines in the area.

In 2014 he started with 2.8 hectares and sold the fruit to Rene Mosse and Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme. 2015 was his first vintage working the vines full time and bottling under his own label.

Now at 5.3 ha of vines in around Oudon, a small hamlet between Nantes and Angers which falls into Coteaaux d’Ancenis. His parcels are mostly rented from older locals whom can no longer tend the land but don’t want to see the vines ripped out. The soils consist of schist, quartz and sandstone, planted to Melon de Bourgogne, Gamay, Cabernet and Grolleau.

All land Philippe works has been converted to Organics and he is awaiting certification by Ecocert.

He also uses some Biodynamic practices and essential oils. He bottles on a fruit day when the moon is waning.

He learns as he goes with the objective of doing the best possible work in the vineyard, to give life to the soil which in turn will produce healthy grapes.

He aim’s to produce approachable delicious wine with minimal intervention.

At this early stage of his project the sulphur regime is looked at case by case. Phillipe avoids the use of sulphur, but will add Homeopathic doses of sulphur if a cuvee requires it. All fermentation is done via indigenous yeasts. Frost, hail, mildew and birds have made 2016 and 2017 challenging years for Philippe, he has lost 50 – 60% of his crop each year.

We feel very fortunate that Australia was his first export market and we are able to share a small amount of his wine with you.